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Source:Linyi Jinze Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Date:2017-2-9
Prompt: Common problems and solutions of imported saw blade
Import saw blade in use, will encounter a variety of problems, such as not durable, the collapse of the teeth or matrix cracks, then we should be how to deal with, is scrapped replacement or recycling? It is clear that what we have to do is to maximize the use of the saw blade to generate greater benefits for the enterprise!
Analysis and treatment of non durable saw blade:
First, equipment problems
A, problem analysis
The blade is not durable, there is generally the equipment or the blade itself is the problem, we should first carefully for maintenance of the equipment (such as the installation is in place, whether the model matching, the existence of aging equipment fittings etc.), if the device has no problem, that is the question of the quality of the blade itself.
B, problem solving
1, installation problems caused by not durable
When the blade is installed, it is necessary to ask the professionals to operate, pay attention to the direction (the direction of the sawtooth to the right), check whether the screws are tightened!
2, the coordination between the various parts of the performance
After the installation of the blade, we must try to cut, to ensure that all aspects of the problem does not occur, if in the sawing, there are partial pendulum, vibration, sound instability, etc., must be corrected in time. On the import of the daily knowledge of the blade can refer to: ProductSort=3)
3, equipment parts aging or instability
Check the existence of equipment parts aging or unstable operation, which is one of the important reasons for the saw blade is not durable. Rapid inspection mode, can be judged by sound, such as equipment in the operation of the abnormal sound, the operation of the blade when the sound is not stable, etc., are one of the symptoms of instability or aging equipment.
4, clean sanitation
The equipment after work, will produce a large amount of iron, this time to clean, if not cleaned for a long time it will lead to iron equipment inside or into the blade part, this will indirectly lead to instability or collapse occurred in equipment such as saw tooth. So we must clean up before use.
Two, saw blade quality problems
A, problem analysis
If the equipment is no problem, so why not durable blade, saw blade itself is caused by quality problems, such as making blade material is poor, the production process is not qualified, the compatibility of the blade is too inferior and will also affect the equipment.
B, problem solving
1, saw blade material is too poor
The material of the saw blade is too bad, it will affect the compatibility of the equipment to a large extent, which can lead to the occurrence of the problem such as sawing instability.
When the user selects the saw blade, it is necessary to integrate all aspects of the factors to judge, do not blindly according to the price to choose.
2, the production process is not qualified
Users in the purchase of the blade, must be carried out inspection work, because any one supplier can not guarantee 100% of the integrity of the goods, or in transit bumps and other factors, will cause the uncertain problems after receiving the inspection work of the blade when receiving the goods, is in charge of their own. Is the supervision of suppliers!
Four, other common causes of the saw blade is not durable
In addition to the above mentioned reasons, there are some other factors, such as blade parameters and material and equipment are corresponding, cutting oil is in accordance with the provisions of the use of wire brush, installation is correct, the use is normal or not will affect the blade.
The saw blade is the guarantee of cutting cost and cutting off the quality of the workpiece in the equipment. When in use, it is necessary to strictly control and make corresponding maintenance and maintenance measures!
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